Photos by Harry Campbell from the Journeyman Theatre plays and This light that pushes me exhibition held in Renfield St. Stephens can be seen at

Sue Porter, formerly of the BBC, came to the plays and sent the following comments:

“I was very glad I had the opportunity to see two thought provoking plays, FEEDING THE DARKNESS, and THE BUNDLE. Just two actors, Lynn and Dave Morris managed to bring to life a huge cast of characters who gave us an extraordinary insight into the horrific experiences of people who are forced to flee from terrible situations in their own country only to find they have more mountains to climb when they reach our own shores. The welcome these desperate people receive is so cruel and so unnecessary. We call ourselves a civilised society. It is a misnomer and I am glad that these plays can help to educate us. I also hope that people with power to change the way human beings are treated in this country get the chance to see these plays. Who could not be moved?”

Nuala Watt, a member of Glasgow Meeting, has also written a review of the plays and the exhibition for The Friend which can be seen at  (log-in as a subscriber required to see the whole article).

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