Glasgow Quaker’s Outreach committee has set a Facebook account.  We hope it will prove to be a very good thing!

Glasgow Quakers Facebook Group is a closed group and can be found here at  It is for all Members, Attenders and friends of Glasgow Quakers. Anybody seeking Quakers in Glasgow may find it and read whatever is posted there. What Facebook means by ‘closed’ is that only members of the group may post messages.

It is a place for sharing information about events. and for reaching out to the wider community. It is also for floating new ideas, and for being creative. We have it to help us connect with each other outside the context of our Meetings for Worship, and in doing so help us to discover more about each other, ourselves and our community too.

Find us and ask to join! Any problems just email Zem Moffat, who will be more than glad to help.

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