2014 aerial view. Our Meeting House is highlighted in blue.

Our building has been affected by the demolition of Nye Bevan House next door since early 2015.

There is currently a pause in works, lasting for several months. We are currently using our building as normal.

There is rubble just outside the perimeter of our premises and rear car park. We have been advised the rubble is in a stable condition, and we are using our car park as normal.

The remainder of Nye Bevan House is still to be demolished. When demolition resumes we expect there will be some restrictions in our use of the building, particularly the rear entrance / exit and car park.

We understand that demolition is likely to re-start very soon: please watch for announcements here and after Meeting for Worship.


Susan Brush, Glasgow Quaker Meeting Health and Safety Office, 6 Sept 2016

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