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24 October 2017 @ 18:00 – 20:30
Quaker Meeting House
38 Elmbank Crescent
Glasgow, Glasgow City G2 4PS
Donation of £5 welcome
Zem Moffat
0780 333 2344

Clutter Chat – a creative and wonderfully encouraging community! Muriel is made from recycled plastic bags and is Clutter Chat's mascot.

People come to Clutter Chat for the encouragement, support and inspiration that this unique group gives.

The first session is free and then it is £12/month recommended, or what-you-would-like-to-give/month be it more or less. Payment is taken each month by cheque, cash or through a standing order.

What you can expect:

A Warm Welcome

Lots of Chat!

A Library to Borrow from

A Giving Table

Here’s what one clutter chatter says:

“I came to Clutter Chat as a follow up to one of Zem’s declutter workshops. I felt it would help me keep a momentum – which it did.  The best thing for me was when people gave an update of where they were with decluttering – what they’d actually done – I found this motivating. 

The clutter I wanted to clear was 1000 photos from the 70’s to 90’s and 5,000 photos on my lap top.

We spoke about photos one evening at Clutter Chat and it came to me to do slide shows to music on DVDs – I realised my age 30ish children weren’t into photo albums. I managed to reduce the photos to 500 got them scanned by an online company on to dvd and put them on my PC. Took a long time sorting them in date order with the other 5000.

My first project was a DVD for my daughters 37th birthday – she was born in Australia and we lived there 8 years – I used about 100 photos and put One Direction song The Story of My Life as the background music and called it The First Eight Years. She was delighted with it and got very teary-eyed watching it. Her 3 children all under 8 thought it was brilliant as did the whole family as we were all in the photos. My next project is one for my son of his first 10 years. 

I’m amazed I’m on top of these photos as I’d been wanting to do something creative with them for years. So thank you Zem and the group for my declutter breakthrough!”

And another Clutter Chatter says:

“The amazing thing about going to Clutter Chat was discovering that I had met at least half the other participants before … all from very varying backgrounds.  It had never occurred to me that others got bogged down trying to declutter and that it is a common phenomenon: that mole hills of stuff became like mountains when having to think about what to do with them. Zem is a great facilitator and I zoomed into top gear afterwards and quickly signed up for the Simply Clear workshop which was simply revolutionary.” Clutter Chatter 2015


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