1 May 2018 @ 13:45 – 31 May 2018 @ 15:27


Meetings for Worship are held at the Quaker Meeting House on Sundays at 11.00am and on Wednesdays at 12.30pm followed by a simple lunch. Meetings are also held on the 2nd and last Sundays at the Fraser Centre Milngavie Cross, on 1st Mondays at 7.30pm in Langside Church, Southside and on 3rd Monday of the month at the Reidvale Neighbourhood Centre in Dennistoun at 7.00pm. Fairtrade Goods are used at the Meeting House.

Glasgow Quaker Meeting has its own website at www.glasgowquakers.org

Other Quaker activities in the Meeting House:

Wed 2nd 12:30 pm Meeting for Worship
1:00 pm Shared Lunch
2:00 pm Experiment with Light

Sun 6th 11:00 am Meeting for Worship
11:00 am Children’s Meeting for Worship

Tues 8th 10.30 am Sociable Strollers (see below)

Wed 9th 12:30 pm Meeting for Worship
1:00 pm Shared Lunch
2:00 pm Experiment with Light

Sun 13th 11:00 am Meeting for Worship
11:00 am Children’s Meeting for Worship
12:15 pm Local Meeting Lunch (tbc)
12:45 pm Local Meeting (tbc)

Mon 14th 7:30 pm Communications Committee

Wed 16th 12:30 pm Meeting for Worship
1:00 pm Shared Lunch
2:00 pm Experiment with Light

Sat 19th 10:30am Trustees’ Meeting
6.00 pm Pot luck ceilidh (see below)

Sun 20th 11:00 am Meeting for Worship
11:00 am Children’s Meeting for Worship
12:15 pm Bring & Share Lunch
Mon 21st 7.00 pm East End Meeting (see below)

Wed 23rd 12:30 pm Meeting for Worship
1:00 pm Shared Lunch
2:00 pm Experiment with Light

Sat 26th 10:00am Thomas Group

Sun 27th 11:00 am Meeting for Worship
11:00am Children’s Meeting for Worship
12:15 pm Fairtrade Stall

Mon 28th 7.00 pm Friends’ Fellowship of Healing

Wed 30th 12:30 pm Meeting for Worship
1:00 pm Shared Lunch
2:00 pm Experiment with Light

Elmbank People:
May 2018
Contacting the Meeting House: 0141 248 8493 glasgowquakers @yahoo.com

Marion Fairweather

We are very sad to announce the death of Marion Fairweather on 5 April. The funeral was held at Linn Crematorium on 14 April. Friends and friends from around Scotland were there to pay tribute to her life. More about this follows later in the newsletter.

25 years in Elmbank Crescent
Those with long memories will remember that the Meeting moved into 38 Elmbank Crescent in February 1993. So this is our 25th anniversary year. Does anyone have any reminiscences of the last quarter of a century that they would like to share?

Send them to your Editor, Daphne Wassermann.


As many of you are aware, Mark Coleman has been taking photos and has assembled them into a loose-leaf book. This should help us all to recognise each other better. If you aren’t yet in the book, see Mark and his camera.

The book will be kept securely in the Office in the top drawer of the filing cabinet where the visitors book is kept. It will be hung outside the Meeting Room in the upstairs corridor on Sunday mornings for easy reference and browsing.

The book should NOT be removed from the Meeting House.

South Side Meeting
7.30pm, Monday 7 May

Langside Church on Ledard Road G42 9QU (near the 4 and 4A bus routes).

We are a small and faithful group, who meet for an hour of worship, and welcome visitors.

East End Meeting
7 pm, 21 May

At the Reidvale Neighbourhood Centre,
13 Whitevale St, Dennistoun, G31 1QW

We usually meet on the 3rd floor for half an hour of worship – visitors welcome.

Reidvale is off Duke St which is served by 60, 41 and 46 buses and near to Bellgrove train station.

Refreshments provided.

Meeting for Worship at Faslane, Sunday 27 May

All Meetings are on Sundays at 11am at the North gate of Faslane.

Further dates for 2018
June 24th (with Northern Friends Peace Board)
October 7th
November 11th

There will be a celebratory something on Saturday September 22nd with ICAN. Note the change of date. More information later.

For further information or requests for transport contact Mary Alice Mansell or Daphne Wassermann.

All Age Spring Ceilidh and Pot Luck
Saturday 19th May, 6-8pm at the Meeting House

A chance for us to chat, eat, and share time together.

Please bring a pot/food to share, a poem, song, joke, trick, reading or something else!  Bring other people if you would like!

Organised by Children’s committee, contact is Anna Densham.

Bible Study/Thomas Group

One day mini-conference on 26th May at Glasgow Meeting House, 10.30 for 11am.

After looking at KENOSIS, preparing for the presence, we want to look at PRAYER, the dialogue with the Divine.

Sessions will include:
The difference between East & West Christianity; and Awareness of levels of Consciousness.

To attend apply to Margaret Roy or Lorraine McFadden

Sociable Strollers Tuesday 8 May: Milton of Campsie to Campsie Glen

We plan to walk from Milton of Campsie to Campsie Glen, a distance of roughly 3 miles, on a level walkway (the former railway line). There is one rough section which can be avoided if necessary.

Meet at 10.30 am at Billington’s Coffee Shop at Milton Cross. Parking is available in the car park directly opposite. There is a café at Campsie Glen for lunch and then we can either walk back to Milton of Campsie, or take the bus from outside the café to either Milton of Campsie or direct into Glasgow,

Coming by bus, take the 9.56am X85 from Buchanan Bus Station and alight at Milton Cross: the bus stop is just around the corner from Billington’s.

Please let Lindesay know if you plan to come.

Hillwalk Saturday 26 May

Tim Denvir will lead the walk up Leum Uilleim, accessible from Corrour station, on the Glasgow-Fort William line.

The cafe by the station at Corrour is good for coffee, snacks, meals, cool drinks etc. before or afterwards.

To get on the mailing list and for further details contact Daphne Wassermann

The following walk will be on Saturday 30 June.

Peace Vigil Thursday 24 May – 5 to 6pm

A vigil is held from 5 to 6 pm on the fourth Thursday of each month at the Donald Dewar Statue at top of Buchanan Street.

All Welcome.

Sanctuary Everywhere Friday 22 June – 4 to 7pm

Late last year Glasgow Meeting signed up to be a Sanctuary Meeting.

As part of the Scottish Refugee Festival 2018 we have now committed ourselves to hold an event in the Meeting House on:
Friday, 22nd June from 4-7pm with the title:
“Strangers? – Just Friends We have Not Met”.

Please put this date into your diaries and publicise it in all your networks, bring your refugee friends and offer help by providing a warm welcome, sharing stories, running or assisting with some creative activities, making cakes and serving refreshments.

All offers of help to:
Mark Coleman, Barbara Robinson, Lilo Boergmann, Gisela Creed, or Tina Cunningham.

Who does what in the Meeting?
Communications Group

The purpose of the Communications Group is: to have oversight of external and internal communications within Glasgow Local Meeting (LM), including the development and maintenance of the Glasgow Quaker website; to ensure appropriate training and support of named Friends for media and representative purposes is available; to liaise with Area Meeting (AM) and General Meeting (GM) to help develop a coherent approach to Quaker communications within and between LM, AM and GM.

Recently Mark Coleman has been working hard to update the photo book (see earlier).

We keep track of Facebook and Twitter and have asked Elders to help in cases where content needs to be assessed or removed.

We also try to keep the website updated and liaise with AM and GM on this.

We are in the process of clarifying what we need to do in terms of data protection.

Business cards have been produced which are available for all Friends to use.

The group consists of Zem Moffat (clerk), Gisela Creed, Paul Burton, Mark Coleman, Stephen Koepplinger and
Daphne Wassermann

HADEEL: Palestinian Fair Trade Shop in Edinburgh

Following the talks by Judith Watt and Jane Dallas Ross about their experiences in Palestine and Israel at the Meeting House on April 23rd, I have been asked to let you know about the Palestinian Fair Trade Shop HADEEL, which is located at 123 George Street in central Edinburgh.

Their partners include women’s co-ops, workshops for those with special needs and centres in refugee camps, mainly in the West Bank and Gaza. The wide range of products they make – embroideries, olive wood objects, soap, recycled glass items, cards and more – are a reminder of the history and culture of the Palestinians. The shop also stocks books on many relevant subjects. Profits are directed through the charity Palcrafts to their partners in support of their important work in many localities.

HADEEL is open Monday to Saturday 10.00 am to 5.00 pm. Further information
can be found at <www.hadeel.org> and info@hadeel.org.
Daphne Wassermann

Please send items for June “Elmbank People” by Wednesday 23 May to Daphne Wassermann

Appreciation of the life of Marion Fairweather

Marion was a delightful, modest and self effacing young woman who devoted her all too short life to those in need. She taught English in Japan, India and Mexico, worked with asylum seekers at Dungavel, with refugees and latterly with the Child Action Poverty Group and the Children’s parliament. Marion liked to travel, enjoyed reading, films and cycling and loved animals particularly Cheddar the cat to whom she was devoted and as a child she was very fond of hedgehogs.

She was a true Quaker, caring and compassionate with a strong social conscience.

She was involved with Quakers all her short life, attending family gatherings at Bonskeid, going to summer school and subsequently becoming a staff member there.

She lost both her parents, her mother, Annabel in 2011 to an unpleasant form of multiple sclerosis during which Marion shared the burden of it with her father, Keith: sadly last November Keith died from complications during heart surgery.

Marion bore these events with fortitude as did she when at Christmas she was diagnosed with cancer which it subsequently turned out could not be treated. Her courage in these awful circumstances was humbling and despite her illness her concern was always for others.

Our thoughts and prayers are with her partner James, her brother John and her aunt Janet.

At the funeral Lindesay Burton also read the following passage by Lucretius. These words were written over 2000 years ago in Rome. While remote from us in both space and time they are still apposite today.

Wheresoever your life shall end, it is then complete.
The value of life is not in its duration, but rather in its use.
Some have lived long, even if it were only for a short while.
So make the most of your life while you still have it.

Whether you have lived enough depends on yourself, not on the number of your years.

(Titus Lucretios Carus (ca. 99BCE – 55 BCE)


Lindesay and Paul Burton recently visited the Hallgrimskirkja in Reykjavik, where they found this poem. Whilst the church is Lutheran, they felt this spoke to Friends.

Light a candle

Do not let the darkness prevent you from seeking the light!
And when you have found it let other people see, re-think and be convinced.
If you want the light to live then give rise to the same yearning in other people.

Light the light of frankness in the darkness of fear, light the light of justice in the darkness of corruption,
Light the light of faith in the darkness of denial,
Light the light of hope in the darkness of despair,
Light the light of love in the darkness of death.
Light the light! (Bo Setterlind)

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