The Meeting House library, located on the ground floor, is available to members and attenders whenever the Meeting House is open.  It aims to hold books (and some journals and other media) on subjects of interest to Friends.  The collection is divided into the following subjects:

  • Quakerism (Quaker thought and practice)
  • Biographies of Quakers
  • Quaker history
  • Quaker organisation and business practice
  • Swarthmore Lectures
  • Social concerns (e.g., climate change, poverty)
  • Peace testimony, non-violence and conscientious objection
  • Religion in general
  • Christianity
  • Bible and commentaries
  • Other faiths
  • Novels, poetry, etc. with a Quaker interest

Suggestions for additions are always welcome and can be given to the librarian, Paul Burton.  Recent additions are on display but they can be borrowed.  Notices of the latest additions and brief reviews are given below roughly once per month.

Latest additions

The following titles have been added to the Library recently.  (The letters at the end indicate the book’s shelf location).

Armstrong, Stephen   The new poverty       Verso   2017    242p.   S/ARM

Burns, Christine (ed.)   Trans Britain: our journey from the shadows.          Unbound         2018    372p.   S/BUR

Chenoweth, Erica and Stephan, Marine J.  Why civil resistance works: the strategic logic of nonviolent conflict.      Columbia U.P.            2013    296p.            P/CHE

Fly kites, not drones: we all live under the same blue sky. Afghan Peace Volunteers     [n.d.]   various            P/FLY

Hirsch, Afrua    Brit(ish): on race, identity and belonging.   Cape  2018    367p.   S/HIR

Huber, Klaus  Mind the light: the story of a Quaker discipline.         Experiment with Light Network      2018-05-14 152p.       Q/HUB

McGarvey, Darren     Poverty safari: the anger of Britain’s underclass.   Luath Press      2017    223p.   S/MCG

McNally, Kate Quaker faith in action: Friends’ work in the area of forced migration.    QCEA  2016    42p.     S/MCN

Peterson, Jordan B.    12 rules for life: an antidote to chaos.        Random House          2018    409p.   S/PET

Quaker Council for European Affairs Building peace together: a practical resource.    QCEA  2018    163p.   P/QUA

Quaker Life     A day with Friends. Running events for enquirers and new attenders: a guide for Quaker Meetings.            Quaker Life     2015            various            Q/QUA

Ryrie, Alec       Protestants: the radicals who made the modern world.  Collins  2017    514p.   C/RYR

Weber, Andrew          The biology of wonder: aliveness, feeling and the metamorphosis of science.   New Society   2016    366p.   S/WEB


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