The Meeting House library, located on the ground floor, is available to members and attenders whenever the Meeting House is open.  It aims to hold books (and some journals and other media) on subjects of interest to Friends.  The collection is divided into the following subjects:

  • Quakerism (Quaker thought and practice)
  • Biographies of Quakers
  • Quaker history
  • Quaker organisation and business practice
  • Swarthmore Lectures
  • Social concerns (e.g., climate change, poverty)
  • Peace testimony, non-violence and conscientious objection
  • Religion in general
  • Christianity
  • Bible and commentaries
  • Other faiths
  • Novels, poetry, etc. with a Quaker interest

Suggestions for additions are always welcome and can be given to the librarian, Paul Burton.  Recent additions are on display but they can be borrowed.  Notices of the latest additions and brief reviews are given below roughly once per month.

Latest additions

The following titles have been added to the Library recently.  (The letters at the end indicate the book’s shelf location).

Fitzharris, Lindsey.  The butchering art: Joseph Lister’s quest to transform the grisly world of Victorian medicine.  Allen Lane, 2017.  286p.  B/LIS  [Note: Joseph Lister was an Edinburgh Quaker until he was disowned for marrying out, a practice discontinued in the second half of the 19th century)

Le Fanu, James.  Too many pills: how too much medicine is endangering our health and what we can do about it.  Little, Brown, 2018.  303p.  S/LEF


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