Central to the Quaker way is the silent meeting for worship. We believe that anyone can have a direct relationship with God (or the spirit or the inner light or however you might define the divine) and it is in a communal gathered stillness where we can make this connexion, be open to inspiration, and find:

  • peace of mind;
  • joy in creation;
  • and the impetus to act positively in the world.

Our Meeting Room is on the first floor where chairs are laid out in a simple arrangement of rows that face towards the centre of the room. There are no set places – one simply finds a seat and settles into the silence.

Seated in a circle

Quakers do not have priests, or a hierarchy, as we believe all people can have a direct relationship with God.

During our meeting for worship some may feel moved to speak, something anyone can do, as all are considered equal. Often this vocal ministry will resonate with us but in any case we should hold the words in our thoughts and consider the meanings they may have for the speaker. Occasionally the whole hour passes in silence, which can be a powerful experience if the Meeting is truly ‘gathered’, as Quakers put it.

You do not have to be a Quaker to attend Quaker meetings, which are open to all. If you would like to join us and share in our stillness you would be most welcome.

We have a lively Children’s Meeting on Sundays. Its activities are supervised by our Children’s Worker and several volunteers. They meet in the basement rooms and come upstairs to join the main Meeting for Worship ten minutes before the end.

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