Step by step, a military presence is entering schools across Britain. This includes Scotland, where according to Forces Watch, 83% of secondary schools have been visited by the military at least once during a two-year period.

This is part of a conscious strategy to increase support for the armed forces in the wake of unpopular wars.

Quakers in Britain have produced The Unseen March, a short film to start a public debate about the militarisation of education.

You can learn more and access further resources at the main Quakers in Britain web site.

The Parliamentary Function Liaison Group is working on this issue, and is gathering evidence of the promotion of militarisation and military ethos in Scottish schools. Here is what the Group can provide:

  • Information, including data from Forces Watch and QPSW
  • Support, should you wish to write to your local school, discuss the issue with politicians and headteachers, etc
  • Help to start that conversation;
  • the Stories of Witness collection of peace testimonies in action;
  • Finally, the Group would like to hear stories from young Friends and attenders about their own experiences with militarism in schools and how it affected them. Anecdotes can be told in anonymity if preferred.
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