There is no Quaker creed that we ‘sign up to’. We are theologically diverse and what unifies us is our form of silent worship, the fact that we are all seeking meaning in our lives, and that we value the fellowship and insights of fellow seekers. We share a general approach, in believing that:

  • light_minithere is something sacred (that of God or the divine) in every person;
  • we recognise and respond to ‘that of God’ in others;
  • we have our roots in Christianity but are open to new light;
  • we draw inspiration from Jesus but refrain from making dogmatic statements about him;
  • the Bible is a major, but not the only, written source of wisdom and inspiration;
  • Quaker Faith and Practice is a source of guidance and inspiration;
  • revelation is a continuing and individual process;
  • true religion is about the whole of life;
  • we seek to act on the promptings of love and truth in our hearts.

There are four concerns that Quakers strive to respond to in their practice:

  • truth and integrity;
  • equality and justice;
  • simplicity and sustainability;
  • peace.
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